About Us

Next Global Security is a licensed security guard company headquartered in Minnesota. We provide security guard and patrol services.

Next Global Security is also a certified Veteran Owned and a Targeted Group Business company. What makes our company unique is our commitment to our clients and employees. We’re constantly improving our methods to provide the best cost effective security solutions. Our training methods are rigorous.

As a company, we embrace technology to become more efficient at what we do. The NEXT in our company name stands for Next Evolution of eXterior-interior Technology.

Our goal is to be at the cutting edge of the security industry. A more important goal is to provide high quality jobs to talented individuals. Everyone is welcome.

Of course, veterans and the disadvantaged will be at home with us.I thank you for your time and hope we can speak in the future.

Next Global Security is a security company that has been in operation for the past 3 years, and prides itself on the slogan:

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+1 612 407 1993
5123 West 98th Street,
Minneapolis, Minnesota,