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Privacy Policy


NOTE: If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined below, DO NOT proceed with Purchasing  any of our services or  enrollment with any courses offered by Next Global Security and Next Guard Academy. (herein will also be abbreviated as “NGS”) and NGA.

The person who intends on purchasing any of our security services and or   completing or has completed a transaction with or Next Guard Academy. will be herein named “receipt”.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing between Next Global Security and Next Guard Academy and a receipt of service or receipt Organization, the following payment terms apply:

Next Guard Academy

  • All training must be pre-paid in full upon course registration
  • Attendance is not confirmed until payment in full is received
  • All online prerecorded training is nonrefundable. if you have issues with access, contact
  • Organizations may apply the following supplemental invoice payment terms which was previously agreed upon.
  • A DCJS approved security guard training school cannot assess any non-refundable registration fees, deposits, or cancellation fees.

Next Global Security

  • All security services must be pre-paid in full before service is provided, unless agreed upon in a formal long term contract with stipulations of monthly payments.

Online self-paced training (Next Guard Academy)

Because of the nature of the self-pace courses, no refund is available for courses purchased at which is our self-paces training course site. Please contact support for any issues, (

Next Global Security 

All service requests are routed via a risk assessment field system. This indicates that we will charge an extra cost on top of the standard rate for the risk level discovered in the place of service. This is done to safeguard our guards from potentially life-threatening injuries that may occur during the performance of your requested service, due to the risk level in that region. Some risk levels are significantly higher than others, while others are significantly lower. We operate with honesty and complete transparency, therefore before any payments are taken from you, all fees will be provided to you in the form of a quotation invoice. You will check, and if all of the mentioned requirements have been agreed upon, also after reading and agreeing to our policy for refund, cancelation and service delivery you will be instructed to make payments over a secure connection at your free will. 

When booking any of our courses (Next Guard Academy)

Recipients will be asked to make full payment, before gaining access to any of our self-paced courses. No refunds will be granted after this time. You will however have up to 48 hours to complete the course. If you have any problems accessing the course after payment, please contact, (

Purchasing any of your security services via Next Guard App

Cancelling and Refund of Security Service

All receipts who cancel an event/service with us and request a refund must cancel 30 days before their initial event/service is planned with us. If 30 days of your planned event/ service with us have passed, we can’t offer you a full refund. 

To be eligible for a 50% refund, you must cancel 48 hours before your initial event/service time with us. 

To be eligible for a full refund, you must cancel your initial/service event with us 30 days before your initial/service event with us. 

If you (receipt) purchase any of our service in the next two weeks or more, less than a month (30 days) no refund if refund  

Please allow up to 30 days to receive your 50% or full refund to appear in your provided bank account after the cancelation of your initial event /service with us, in concert with the above-mentioned stipulations

If you have any concerns or have not received your agreed refund listed in this policy upon eligibility, please contact us 

Purchasing any of your security services via Next Guard App



  • If you will like to re-schedule a service date reserved, you must use your login and reschedule using the next guard app prior to the service start date. We will agree to reschedule the service date with you for a new date within the next 30 days, at the same location, however this is subject to availability of our security guards. You must request a re-schedule of an event/service date, 30 days before initial event/ service date. If receipt re-schedule an event or service date less than 30 days, additional cost will be applied to the new event / service fee. This fee will be determined upon the type of service receipt is rescheduling.
  • A reschedule request must be sent using the next guard app, an available dated when found will be send to receipt by your email. (
  • This has to be done 30 days before the start date of the event or service been rescheduled, if less than 30 days, receipt will be incur additional cost for new event/ service date 
  • If you do not reschedule your event/service date with us, prior to the agreed date, time and location and fail to carry out the event/service on the date, time or location receipt provided, or have not informed us prior to the initial scheduled date, time and location of event of service booked with us, regardless of the service you have purchased, you will be required to make and pay for a new event/ service date, time and location with us. In the event where receipt is a no show (receipt is uncontactable, event / service is cancelled upon arrival of our guards, or does not exist and no prior informal or formal notices provided by receipt to us), where payment has been received, receipt will not be eligible for any refund. 

Insufficient ID 

  • It is a legal requirement to produce and have ID when our guard attend a service an event. If you do not produce an ID to our guards to verify your identity where service Is provided, you will need to be rescheduled another event/ service date, time and location with us and you will be charged an additional rescheduling fee depending upon service where Insufficient ID is produced, during date, time and location of paid event/service with us. 
  • If event/ service is going to be late more than 30 minutes, you must contact us ( immediately via next guard app, upon your login. If event/service with us is going be substantially late to when it will start, receipt will be charged per-normal, receipt can also extend guards hours at event/ service using their next guard app login. Receipt will be charge for additional hours. Receipt must pay when requesting extended hours of service at event/service with us, before service is rendered by our guards. Receipt can and may potentially rescheduled event/service for new event date, time, and location, however the receipt will however need to make new payments, for new event/service, date, time and location. 

Cancellations to Services by NGS

If Next Global Security, cancels any event/service, date, time and location, receipt is eligible for a full refund for the canceled event/service.


Security Guards Safety- At Events/Services  

Executive protections services /Customize Executive Security Services will not be subject to the below stipulations. 

If event/service where guards are providing security service and are significantly threatened for their lives and where the environment is uncontrollable beyond the means of the reasonable efforts of guards to control the situation at location of event/service where agreed upon, by virtue to the event/ service the police shall be called and our guards will leave the location event/ service to maintain their personal safety when police arrived. If event is increasingly dangerous and where life threating injury / death is more than likely to occur, our guards will leave event/ location grounds immediately with or without the arrival of the police.   Receipt will not be eligible to any refunds. However, executive protections services /Customize Executive Security Services will not be subject to the above stipulations. 

Discounted Security Services

Upon discretion of Next Global Security, Upon long term ongoing contracts. 

Customize Executive Security Services 

Customize Executive Security Services arranged specifically for a receipt must be paid in full before Event/Service is booked.

  • All customize Executive Security Services are subject to contract with Next Global Security and are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation by the receipt less than 30 days’ notice or failure to host event and where (receipt is uncontactable, event / service is cancelled upon arrival of our guards, or does not exist and no prior informal or formal notices provided by receipt to us), where payment has been received, receipt will not be eligible for any refund. NGS complies with the law and operates the following refund policy in respect of the cancellation, rescheduled of all security services offered by NGS.