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We take delight in growing others at Next! We understand the industry, are highly qualified, and are widely accredited. As a result, we think that everyone should be able to benefit from our success. Enroll in how high demand courses to become an industry expert.

Pre- Assignment Training - Protective Agents

Quality, certified Security Guard Course, created with expert industry knowledge new advanced mythology of service delivery and skill adaption, and a customer-centered orientation.

Crowd Control

Ensure the safety of individual people, celebrities and others who have concerns about their security in certain situations.

Powers of Arrest

The power of arrest can also be used to protect a person, or persons from harm or to protect damage to property.

Patrol Techniques

Gut-Based Patrol, Predictive Policing Hot Spot Analysis and More.

Use of Force

Reasonable and necessary to deter, neutralize or stop the threat.

First Aid

CPR certified guards provide immediate medical assistance to victims and prevent fatalities.

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